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TSFA Launches Consumer Membership Program

Over the last six months we have had an overwhelming interest from consumers on how they can contribute to the Tennessee Smoke Free Association. While we continue to encourage vapers to support the TSFA primarily by shopping with vendors who support the TSFA, we are rolling out a Consumer Membership program. Consumer Members will receive a NOT BIG TOBACCO T-Shirt, Sticker, and TSFA Membership Card, which will be numbered. The TSFA will continue to be primarily supported by Tennessee Vendors.

The Consumer Membership cost is $50. There is a PayPal transaction at the end of the sign up form.

TSFA will be accepting Cash payment at Vapecon this weekend.

Anyone can sign up on the Become a Member tab of our website home, where there is a link for the Consumer Membership form.

Or, to sign up now, click here.

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