Tennessee Smoke Free Association Calls on Public Health Officials to Find out all the Facts Related to E-Cig Incidents Industry-Standard Vape Products Are Intended to Help Adult Smokers Quit


The Tennessee Smoke Free Association (TSFA), whose small-business members provide industry-standard vape products that are helping adult smokers quit, is calling on public health officials to investigate recent reports of e-cigarette hospitalizations to find out all the facts related to the incidents.

From Dimitris Agrafiotis, Executive Director of Tennessee Smoke Free Association:

“First and foremost, vape products are for adult smokers looking to quit the deadly habit— not teenagers experimenting with unknown substances. Public health officials need to investigate all of the facts surrounding these incidents before assigning a blanket condemnation against industry-standard vape products.”

TSFA is a network of 100+ independent vape shops dedicated to helping adult smokers quit the deadly habit by switching to vaping, which has been found by major medical groups and governments to be 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.

Please see this additional statement, VTA Calls for End to Public Health Hysteria, issued by national partner, Vapor Technology Association, urging public health officials to identify the cause of these incidents before assigning blame and reminding the public never to alter a vapor device designed for vaping nicotine-containing products by attempting to vape anything other than an e-liquid designed to be used with that device.

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