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Georgia Smoke Free Association joins VISTA

Georgia E-Cigarette Industry Bands Together To Join Industry Alliance

Tampa, FL, May 15, 2015

VISTA Truth, Inc. (VISTA), a national non-profit vaping industry alliance, is pleased to announce the addition of the Georgia Smoke Free Association (GSFA) as a VISTA member. Together VISTA and GSFA will proactively lobby at the state level in Georgia for business rights, oppose legislation that would be harmful to the industry, and promote a free and open market for adults throughout the state that support tobacco harm reduction efforts.

“The hard work and dedication of small businesses to organize and join VISTA is proof that business owners in Georgia are passionate about protecting their industry. VISTA looks forward to working with the GSFA and our lobbyist in Atlanta to protect against over regulation and unwarranted taxation on the most viable alternative consumer product for adult smokers to live a combustible tobacco free life.” said VISTA President Kevin E. Skipper.

“The GSFA and our members are pleased to unite with VISTA and join a growing network of fellow business owners and vapers in Tennessee and Florida. VISTA has a proven track record of defending small business rights over the past year. As part of the VISTA team, our ability to network and disseminate information will be greatly enhanced. Also, and crucially important, we will now have a voice in Atlanta.” said GSFA President Bill Funderburk. “We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to increasing our membership this year in order to strengthen our industry. We want to ensure that Georgians continue to have both access to electronic cigarette products, and at a reasonable cost. We oppose taxation, but hope to work with lawmakers on sensible regulations.” Funderburk concluded.

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