Monthly Archives: March 2018

Tennessee Clear of Bills Affecting Vapor Industry

Once again for 2018, TN is clear of all bills that would be affecting the vapor industry and consumers.

SB1850/HB1867 Indoor Vaping Ban : DEAD for 2018
SB1636/HB1706 Increase Age to 19 : DEAD for 2018

Modified Tobacco Product Tax bill (introduced by PMI for those that care) : DEAD for 2018

I want to thank our lobby for the excellent ground work, our board of volunteers, and our professional vape shop/manufacturer members for their hard work before the bills were introduced. Their drive really made a difference this year in keeping our state once again free of frivolous regulations protecting special interests and they really deserve credit for their financial commitment and participation.

For a list of those that take the industry seriously please visit

If you are not a member of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association we would love to have you on board sharing the costs to operate and protect the industry.

If your favorite TN vape shop is not a member, ask them why.

Next year we will be bringing our own legislation providing vape shops a license to operate and separating us from tobacco/head shops.

Dimitris Agrafiotis
Executive Director