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A Billion Lives Knoxville Premiere


The Knoxville vaping community recently came together to bring Aaron Biebert’s powerful documentary in their city. Glenn Cate and Vintage Vapors Knoxville worked for months to get the film supported. Glenn, along with several local TSFA local business owners reached out to politicians, reporters, medical staff and physicians to both educate them and invite them to the viewing. After several months, all of the hard work efforts were realized and the sold out showing of A Billion Lives was brought to Knoxville at Carmike Wynnsong 16.


The evening was special as local vapers, business owners, employees and advocates came together to view the movie in support of the industry and A Million Lives. Of special note, the event was dedicated in memory of Richard & Regina Metersky, vaping advocates in the Knoxville area who lost their lives in a tragic car accident on October 26th. Our hearts go out to their daughter and family, Dana, another vaping advocate in the area.



TSFA would like to thank Glenn Cate and his crew at VVK, local TSFA business owners, vaping advocates, and everybody involved in this project for their dedication.

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